ttmt 15th anniversary

We’re celebrating 15 years of service!
Thanks for being part of our journey.

After all these years of helping adults and children communicate, things are only getting better at TTMT. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to express our sincere appreciation to the following people with whom we succeed together:

  • Our clients who communicate with our technology. Thank you for inspiring us in countless ways, including always doing better.
  • Client caregivers and professionals, including the families, speech-language pathologists, AT specialists, teachers and more. Thank you for your determination for communication success no matter the barriers.
  • Our staff members, past and present, who are the most passionate and dedicated in the industry. Thank you for making Talk To Me Technologies the service-centric company it is today – and what more it will become tomorrow.

15th Anniversary Contest

Entry period has ended. We will announce the winners soon!

This year, we celebrated 15 years of service with an Olympic-themed party at Big Woods Lake in Cedar Falls. We are so proud of all of our employees and how much we accomplish for our clients together.  Enjoy snapshots of our favorite moments from the celebration!


back of a person wearing a shirt reading TTMT 15 years
TTMT owners Marty, Matt, and Kate

TTMT vice president of client outreach Scott and director of trials Kristen
TTMT employees gathered and seated outside

corporate compliance officer showing TTMT's clean claims of 97%
Matt running and carrying a lit torch

Marty carrying the lit torch
Kate lighting a tiki torch with the lit torch

Matt and Marty holding an Olympics flag while Kate looks on
marketing employee Matt proudly holding aloft his gold medal

employees Matt, Rikki, Dave and Caleb playing shotput
employee Wyatt excited for his win at stacking La Croix cans

shotput team Matt, Dave, Rikki, and Caleb posing triumphantly
employees playing a game of bags

employees engaged in a competition of precisely pouring water from high up into a water bottle
group of employees smiling and looking on at a scene off camera

marketing employees Steph and Abbe kayaking
employees throwing hatchets at targets

director of trials Kristen holding a hatchet and smiling to celebrate her bullseye
employee standing by hatchet target with hatchet

employee with humane society volunteer and an adoptable dog
employee petting the dog

vice president of client services Jordan bouncing on a yoga ball in a silly relay race
SLP Romney falls off yoga ball during relay race

employee Toby wins at La Croix can stacking
employees participating in funny relay race on a yoga ball while others look on

enter for a chance to win one of 15 communication boards

Meet some of our communicators!

TTMT communicator Luka with his wego device

About Talk To Me Technologies:

grouping of three different speech devices, a zuvo 16, zuvo 12, and zuvo 10
Talk To Me Technologies provides a type of assistive technology known as a “Speech-Generating Device” that allows people to ‘speak’ in a synthesized voice. Our technology helps children and adults of all ages with communication differences due to diagnoses like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, stroke and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).