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Navigate Editing Mode

Editing Mode is a feature that allows the user to make changes within a vocabulary page. Learn how to enter Editing Mode, customize buttons and pages, program cell actions, save changes and navigate to other vocabulary sets.

Edit Button Label, Image & Message

Change the words on a button, as well as the message that's spoken aloud when the button is pressed. Learn how to change the image on a button to a different symbol, and how to take a picture with the zuvo/eyespeak camera.

Change Pronunciation

Learn how to tweak the pronunciation of words so they sound more natural when they are spoken (example: oh-tee vs. O.T.).

Copy & Paste Buttons

Learn how to move buttons on a page from one location to another, and copy and paste buttons to another page in the vocabulary set.

Create & Link New Pages

Create new, custom pages in your vocabulary set. In this example, Haylee will show you how to create a new page for "Sport Teams" that links with button actions to a new, customized vocabulary page with names of sport teams.

Edit Word Lists

Manage vocabulary categories and their contents using word lists (example: adding “teacher” to the “people” word list). This is a faster way to generate multiple buttons on a page, rather than adding each word individually.