Meet Sarah Boldt

Sarah Boldt


I am your personal Trials Coordinator, and I’m here to ensure you receive an experience that is above your expectations.

About Me.

  • I grew up in Northeast Iowa along the Mississippi, although now the Cedar Valley is my home!
  • We no longer have any pets in the home. All three of our sons have pets and we sit with them when needed.
  • I like to fish, garden (both vegetables and flowers), ride bike, read, walk (preferably in nature) sitting by a fire and spend time with my grandson, family and friends.


What I do best.

  • Finding the right fit for the individual, not trying to fit the individual to a device.
  • Helping provide someone the ability to express their wants and needs
  • Giving someone a voice, to express big feelings or show their sense of humor.


    I am here for you.

    If you EVER have a question, just email me at or call: 877.392.2299 x869

    Welcome to the Talk To Me Technologies family.