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Jacob Nanke


I am your personal Trials Coordinator, and I’m here to ensure you receive an experience
that is above your expectations.

About Me.

  • I am from the Cedar Valley.
  • When I'm not in the office, you can find me in my kayak or biking the trails around the Cedar Valley. My dog Marlow is my favorite hiking companion, and my cat Murray is my number 1 fan when I play my guitar. 
  • I love to laugh and find myself quite easily entertained. 

What I do best.

  • Finding the right fit for the individual, not trying to fit the individual to a device.
  • Helping provide someone the ability to express their wants and needs
  • Giving someone a voice, to express big feelings or show their sense of humor.


    I am here for you.

    If you EVER have a question, just email me at or call: 877.392.2299 x881

    Welcome to the Talk To Me Technologies family.