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AAC in the Classroom

We're here to help you choose the best
vocabulary and access methods from the start.

TRY a device with your student before making a commitment!

Configured the way you want. Designed to grow.

With many vocabulary and access methods available, your team at TTMT can help you determine the best options from the start so speech begins as quickly as possible! Editing is easy and fast, and we'll provide training for every person that has a special place in the child's life (parents, caregivers and therapists too!).

As children continue to reach for new heights, their device will grow with them. We're here to talk about expanding vocabulary and access methods at any time.

Meet the Wego A family of speech devices

Available in 4 sizes - these portable, sleek speech-generating devices have been a big hit in the classroom!

Meet the zuvo family of speech devices

Available in 4 sizes. Designed to adapt to you!

Meet the eyespeak family of speech devices

Next-generation eye-tracking speech-generating devices. Available in two sizes.

Lesson Plans and AAC Resources

Browse and download communication boards, social stories, lesson plans, home activities, and more!