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AAC in the Classroom

We're here to help you choose the best
vocabulary and access methods from the start.

TRY a device with your student before making a commitment! 

Learn about ttmt360evaluation support and trials 

AAC Funding
So children will always have access to their voice (at home, school, and after graduation) ttmt360 funding works directly with the student's family.
AAC Evaluation Support
Help to choose the right technology. We're available to support you during the evaluation process.

AAC Trial
Take it and try it. Let us know if it feels like a good match for both your educational goals and your student's life.

AAC Training
Training & Support
To ensure children are surrounded with support, training is offered to their entire team (including parents).

Configured the way you want.
Designed to grow.

With many vocabulary and access methods available, your ttmt360♥ team can help you
determine the best options from the start - so speech begins as quickly as possible!

Editing is easy and fast, and we'll provide training for every person that has a special
place in the child's life (parents, caregivers and therapists too!).

As children continue to reach for new heights, their device will grow with them.
We're here to talk about expanding vocabulary and access methods at any time.

Julie Duer, MS CCC-SLP (ttmt360♥ AAC consultant) practices aided language modeling with Johnathan on the Nova Chat speech- generating device.

Meet the Wego A family of speech devices
(the newest members of our team).

Available in 4 sizes - these portable, sleek speech-generating devices have been a big hit in the classroom! 

See all ttmt360 speech-generating devices.


"As an AT Specialist serving multiple school districts, I rely on the exceptional, consistent support and service that Talk To Me Technologies provides for students with complex communication needs in the pursuit of an AAC solution. Every step of the way, these students, their education teams and their families are treated with #1 priority status, and they are served as such from beginning to end and on-going! Talk To Me Technologies' speech device products and service are an A+ in my book!"

Denise Young, AT Specialist.

Get started!

Speak to a Speech- Language Pathologist / AAC Consultant in your area.




*Excludes speaker. ** Exclusive features custom manufactured by Talk To Me Technologies.