Cough Drop

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wego A family of Speech-Generating Devices!

Approved for funding through Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies. 
CoughDrop on wego devices

Custom keyguards available!

Add a TTMT custom keyguard to match any CoughDrop board layout for additional accuracy with the touch-screen display. Keyguards are personalized at TTMT headquarters based on your preferences, with any combination of rows and columns, as well as round or square button cells. *ask us for details.
coughdrop custom keyguard

About the wego A Family of Speech-Generating Devices

Our exclusive wego A family of speech-generating devices are ideal solutions for children and adults with communication difficulties. Perfect at home, school, on the road or in the medical environment, the wego A speech devices are among the fastest, most powerful and flexible communication systems available! Approved by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

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Communication Software and Vocabulary/Page Set Options

An extensive variety of symbol based and phrase-based pages available for children and adults. Our ttmt360 team can help you to choose the best options from the start.

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The TTMT360 promise

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wego 7A-D Speech-Generating Device

With its 7-inch display and at just 1.8 pounds, the wego 7A-D is lightweight, rugged, and portable.

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wego 7A speech generating device

wego 10A-D Speech-Generating Device

Larger than the wego 7A-D, the wego 10A-D has a 10-inch display and is also lightweight, rugged, and portable.

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wego 10A speech generating device

wego 13A-D Speech-Generating Device

With its 13-inch display, there's a lot to love about the superhero-size wego 13A-D.

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wego 13A speech generating device

Various app icons; internet, email, music, social, e-reader, and audiobooks.

Beyond Speech
wego A PLUS**

Stay connected with communication tools like email and social media. Music, ebooks and other entertainment are easily accessible from the device!*

Getting Started

*Estimated average battery life. Excludes external speaker and keyboard, if applicable. Estimated, average battery life. Individual use varies. **Speech-Generating Devices may be ordered with -D (dedicated/locked) or -PLUS (unlocked) designations. -D devices meet the E2510 guidelines of most insurance programs and are dedicated for communication purposes only. -PLUS devices provide access to additional features including email and phone/text, internet, environmental controls and more. -D devices may be unlocked following purchase for a small fee. Contact us for more details. +Contact us for details on head-tracking options. 1Contact us for complete details on warranty coverage.

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