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Symbol-based Vocabulary/Page Set Options

Many core- and phrase-based page sets and vocabulary options are available for children and adults.

Text-based vocabulary sets
Symbol-based vocabulary sets


QuickStep Logo

• Incorporates phrase-based sentence building as well as category based communication
• Allows for progression as language skills grow – user can start with a small number of buttons and easily transition to more! Buttons remain in a similar location as vocabulary size increases
• Symbols are on every button
• Keyboard access and morphological vocabulary cells are available on most of the vocabulary sets
• A static row of buttons appears on the top of every page to allow easy access to Quick Phrases and common function buttons such as clear, speak and home.
• Modified Fitzgerald color coding throughout the vocabulary set

QuickStep Screenshots

QuickStep i Logo

• Introductory level, phrase based vocabulary sets
• Easy 1-step navigation

QuickStep i Screenshots

QuickStep i CVI/VI Logo

• Supports the color and detail needs of children and adults with cortical visual impairment/visual impairment
• Symbols with minimal detail are represented in a high-contrast red/yellow/black color scheme to attract, engage and retain the visual attention of those with CVI/VI - from beginning language expression to diversified speech
• A variation of our powerful, progressive QuickStep suite, this research-based vocabulary set supports all access methods

QuickStep i CVI/VI Screenshots

UniversalCore Logo

• Includes 36 of the most functional core words based on the research done at UNC-Chapel Hill
• Homepage allows for immediate access to core words with easily accessible fringe vocabulary folders located along the side
• Each core word can be used individually and have meaning
• Core words can be combined to create meaningful phrases and sentences
• Allows the user to start with single words and advance to building phrases and sentences when developmentally ready
• All words are categorized by their parts of speech and arranged on the page in a way that allows for easy sentence building
• Modified Fitzgerald color coding throughout the vocabulary set

UniversalCore Screenshots

Zoom Basic Logo

• Symbol support on every button makes this a great choice for users with Aphasia
• Homepage with category based communication that links to pages with pre-programmed phrases
• Easy 1 or 2 step navigation
• “Yes” and “No” easily accessible on homepage
• Includes keyboard with word prediction
• Alert button to call for help is located in the settings

Zoom Basic Screenshots

Communication Journey: Aphasia*

• Symbol support on every button providing optimal ease for users with Aphasia
• Homepage is category based
• Helpful tools including a pain scale and maps are easily accessed
• The pages were created to facilitate participation in daily activities and to promote social links
• Can easily be adapted for use by people with different types of aphasia and a range of cognitive levels and degrees of severity

Communication Journey: Aphasia Screenshots


• Phrase-based vocabulary set that provides multiple forms of communication to create messages: category-based, sentence building, keyboard, core words and visual scene displays
• Includes several layers of vocabulary within each category with intuitive navigation to access hundreds of words
• Only available in a 15-button vocabulary set
• Student version is available in Spanish and Bilingual (English and Spanish labels)

MultiChat Screenshots


• Introductory category based vocabulary set with a 16 button homepage
• Easy 1-step navigation
• A static row of buttons appears across the top of every category page with quick access to: positive QuickChat comments, negative QuickChat comments, Manners and a Homepage button

myQuickChat Screenshots


• Word-based vocabulary that consists of high frequency core words in addition to a variety of fringe vocabulary that is intuitive for quick sentence building
• User can generate sentences word-by-word
• Some buttons have core words, others have a combination of text and symbols
• Some sets include grammar command buttons to change verb morphology (plural -s, -er, -est) and add punctuation

WordPower Screenshots

*Communication Journey Aphasia, WordPower, Symbol Stix, PCS and MultiChat are copyright their respective owners.