outdoor comm board with spark

Core and Fringe Communication Board FAQ

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Q: Do you provide posts for the post-mount boards?

It is usually more cost effective to purchase from your local hardware store, as opposed to shipping. We recommend working with your local maintenance crew. We do, however, offer brackets for mounting your communication board to the posts.

Q: Are there any installation recommendations (e.g. height, etc.) to make these accessible to children and those in wheelchairs?

We recommend no higher than 28" from the ground. Also consider easy access for wheelchairs (i.e. is there a paved path as opposed to a rocky/grassy area?, etc).

Q: Do you accept POs?

Yes! Please email your internal PO to shop@talktometechnologies.com. (We are happy to provide a quote upon request.)

Q: I'm working to raise money locally for these boards. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! There are many ways to fundraise. Contact us for more details.

Q: Do you provide installation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide installation. We recommend working with your local maintenance crew.

Q: How long does the material last outside?

As with all materials, if placing in direct sun, risk of fading over time is common. Consider mounting out of direct sunlight, and protect with a shade and/or UV acrylic panels.