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Download AAC Lesson Plans

Fun ways to learn how to use a communication device!

Created right here by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists/AAC Consultants, these FREE resources are a great way to help SLPs, caregivers and educators practice using a speech-generating device in therapy, school and at home! Looking for something specific? Contact us for more resources and ideas!

AAC Scripts

A great way for literate users to practice everyday conversations while learning how to use a speech-generating device.  Scripts are created specifically for two-way communication and feature easy to follow lines of conversation for both the AAC user and a speaking partner.

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Printable AAC Scripts

Communication Boards

Communication boards are a great low-tech AAC option. Each board features a different theme, topic or activity. These can be printed and laminated for additional durability! 

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Printable AAC Scripts

Social Stories

Social Stories can help to teach expectations regarding behaviors in specific situations, and better understand the nuances of interpersonal communication.

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Social Stories

Lesson Plans

Our exclusive "Now We're Talkin" Lesson Plan Packages include a specific subject focus and contain both an SLP portion combined with a home activity portion for families and caregivers to use at home.

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AAC Lesson Plans

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