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Scenes and Sounds Activities (add on for Look to Learn)

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Scenes and Sounds add-on for Look to Learn

26 new activities for learning eye gaze control and access.

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds

A collection of 26 activities designed for children and adults starting out with eye gaze. Available as an expansion pack for Look to Learn, this software focuses on interactive scenes, music and sound as well as eye gaze skills. As with Look to Learn, each activity is designed to develop a different skill required for eye gaze access.

With easy to customize content and a built in analysis tool, your will soon discover the true potential of the user.

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Interactive Visual Scenes

Illustrate cause and effect by exploring scenes that are full of engaging interactions. Every scene is full of targets to help users engage with the full screen and also acts as a great tool for making cognitive assessments.

Ancient Egypt

Big City

Fun House

Lazy Lake

Planet Pog

Rumble in the Jungle

Snow Town

Wild West

Sounds and Music

Listen and perform with a variety of musical and sound based activities, from beating the drums to strumming the guitar. There is something for all levels of ability.

Captain Berry

DJ Star

Drum Kit


Happy Birds

Monkey Business

Rock Band


Eye Gaze Skills

Unique tasks designed to help improve eye gaze accuracy teach and improve targeting, dwelling clicking and exploring the screen.

Balloon Pop

Bunny and the Beanstalk

Creative Coloring

Desert Racer

Forest Racer

Funny Faces

Ghost Hunter

Snowball Fight

Designed to be motivating, educational and fun!

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds was created in conjunction with teachers, therapists and thousands of children with a focus on the need for real evidence of the ability of a user.

Look To Learn


Track progress

Look to Learn titles are designed to help an individual learn cause and effect and choice making as well as the skills needed to use eye gaze access for alternative communication in the future.

The analysis tool creates a heat map to show where the user has looked on the screen during an activity. Heat maps can be saved, printed and used to measure progress and record successes.


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