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QuickTalker S

$ 95.00



Record a series of messages to this dedicated speech generating device and then playback each recorded message by waving a hand within 10-mil of the surface. Includes 30-seconds of record time.

The QuickTalker S provides simple sequential communication with a modern look, and proximity sensor activation surface that can be activated with a very light touch or by waving a hand within 10-millimeters of it. Simply activate QuickTalker S to play the first message, then activate again to play each additional message.

QuickTalker S technical specifications:

  • Messages/Levels: Sequential/1
  • Recording Time: 30-sec. 
  • Switch Input: No
  • Toy/Appliance Output/ECU: No
  • Activation Surface: 3.5-in/8.9-cm
  • Activation Force: Proximity sensor activation
  • Weight with Battery: 9.6-oz/273-g
  • Battery Type: 9-volt
  • Accessories Available: Mounting Plate
  • Mounting Connection: Universal Mounting Plate