I give TTMT 5 stars
I give TTMT 5 stars

I’m Emily Angeloff, I have Joubert Syndrome. I’m also a proud user of the TTMT wego 10. I would like to talk to you about my journey with communication devices and how those other companies compare.

First, I feel I must briefly explain what Joubert Syndrome is, as a lot of people don’t know. As a result of my syndrome, I was born non-verbal, hence the need for a communication device. I also have a wheelchair to get around. One of the abnormalities that separate JS from CP is that some newborns can have extra limbs (me).   

When I entered elementary school, I was given a Vanguard 1.1 as my first device. It served its purpose of communicating, but other than that, I did not like it at all. The thing towered over me, plus it had too many unnecessary things on it. My next communication device—the Dynawrite 2.0—first given to me in middle school, was much better. It was easier to manage, and only had the one thing that I really needed on it, which was to communicate. However, when it needed repairing in high school and the loaner came... It had a male voice pre-programmed instead of a female’s, along with a couple other, more minor things. I let the company know exactly how I felt about that. I bared my soul saying how insulting it was to have a male voice, etc., but got no answer back whatsoever. My 3rd communication device while I was still in high school—the ECO-14—was just as big and bulky as the Vanguard.

TTMT came along, and I felt like I had struck gold. The staff there will do anything for you. They care, which was so refreshing to me!! They WILL respond, and they will do so timely. They’re also knowledgeable of the products they have. The wego is easy to type on, too. Being 31, you want to feel “cool”... My experience with TTMT is, and has been, much better. I give them 5 stars.

-Emily Angeloff AAC communicator and TTMT customer
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