Holli and Becca introduce the new vocab updates

Check out what's new with our exclusive vocabulary sets!

OnWord Keyboard

OnWord Keyboard Options

The expansion of our popular OnWord Text vocabulary set includes five flexible keyboard options. In addition to the traditional Qwerty keyboard, you will find options for a Simple Qwerty keyboard, an Alpha keyboard, a Simple Alpha keyboard, and a Split keyboard all designed to provide the easiest message generation possible. The full-featured versions of these keyboards have rate-enhancement features to increase the speed at which messages can be composed. The simple versions are created with accessibility in mind, featuring larger buttons and a simple layout. Communicators can quickly move back and forth between a full-featured keyboard and the simple version with just one click.


QuickStep Updates

QuickStep CVI  QuickStep in Spanish

We expanded our intro ("i") vocabulary suite to include Quickstep 4i, 8i and 20i available with either Symbol Stix or our high-contrast symbols for those with cortical vision impairment and/or low vision. This update gives users access to relevant vocabulary with fewer button hits and less navigation between pages. These progressive, symbol-based, vocabulary sets are intended for emerging communicators and feature sentence starters, phrases, common expressions, and fringe vocabulary. They are compatible with alternative access methods including switch scanning, head tracking, and eye tracking. In addition, QuickStep 4i, QuickStep 8i, QuickStep 4i CVI, and QuickStep 8i CVI are now available in Spanish!


Netflix For Plus Models: The exciting new Netflix pages are perfect for a night in! 

Netflix home page

Communicators are now able to stream movies and TV shows right from their communication device using their Netflix account. With the benefit of larger, easy-to-access Netflix buttons built in to pages of our OnWord Text vocabulary set, communicating and staying up to date on the best entertainment from one device has never been easier.




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