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Voice and Message Banking (ALS, Surgery and other)

Voice & Message banking as a method of enhanced expression for those with complex communication needs.


Voice Message Banking is the process of recording special and important words, phrases and sounds in a person’s natural speech. The recordings are organized, categorized and added to the vocabulary file of a speech-generating device so they can be accessed at any time in the future.

We often work alongside pALS (People living with ALS) with the help of their speech pathologist and loved ones to voice record names of important people, places and personal items.  Voice banked messages can also include lists of directives for care and commands for pets to simple phrases like "I love you" to trademark messages such as “Time to watch the BIG GAME!”.

With advance preparation of voice message banking, when an individual comes to rely on synthesized voice for speech, their own voice can be heard through their device (helping to enrich the interactions with their loved ones).

Accessing (recorded) voice banked messages is an excellent method of enhanced expression for others with complex communication needs - crossing both adult AND pediatric populations. In these cases, considering adopting a voice of a same age peer, a sibling or a friend with a GREAT voice are options to consider.

In this video, Megan Farrell MS CCC-SLP (Talk To Me Technologies VP of business development) explains voice banking during a presentation at the UNI Midwest Summer Institute. 

Joe Smith (a veteran living with ALS) shares a few of the phrases he recorded for his family. 

For more information on Voice Message Banking, please contact us! We’d love to help. Don’t hesitate to begin the process of recording your own messages at This is a fantastic site to quickly, smoothly and easily begin creating your recordings. High frequency messages are already available to help you get started AND best of all (besides being FREE) your messages are saved within your own account to be retrieved any time.

Megan Farrell, MS CCC-SLP
VP of Business Development
Talk To Me Technologies 

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  • July 22, 2015
  • Talk To Me Technologies